[8] Zudem besitzt er in Glendale, Kalifornien die ADP10 Football Academy. Perhaps others were letters to the family, stories you wrote or genealogy research notes. Much of that info is on this site, but if you can ask a more specific question, I might be able to help. 1950: Nordahl | If you haven’t read it already, I suggest you have a look at an article I wrote about ethnicity reports at https://trentinogenealogy.com/2019/05/dna-ethnicity-report-estimate/. Personally, I believe this the BEST option, as it makes it absolutely CLEAR that this name is a soprannome and not something else. soprannome di Benci, Antonio. In 1922, she left her ancestral home, along with her 3 children (including my father), sister and brother, to join her husband Luigi Serafini (my grandfather from Duvredo, a nearby village in the same parish of Santa Croce) who had started a new life for them in the United States. Später schoss er sein Team mit seinem Tor im Finale gegen CA River Plate auch zum Weltpokalsieg. I researched what I could and as you pointed out there were many family members in the same town. After a while, it became difficult to find the documents you had written in the past because they weren’t labelled clearly, and they were all in one big folder called ‘Documents’. Alessandro Nesta | I’m not sure ‘Tradenta’ would derive from trident (tridentum), as the ‘tra’ and ‘tri’ make them completely different words. Perhaps not as funny as the 'Marmot Scream' video, but I still think it's pretty funny. Free art print of Rendering of the Tribute Money. 1957: da Costa | So toolmaker, or farmer, spear fisherman or military would be my guess. So landete man hinter den Erwartungen auf einem Platz im unteren Mittelfeld, obwohl Del Piero mit 14 Toren sogar Vierter der Torschützenliste wurde. 2018: Icardi / Immobile | 2006: Andrij Schewtschenko | April 2008 absolvierte Del Piero sein 553. Keeping Our Ancestors Alive: Reflections on the Day of the Dead, Genealogical Breadcrumbs: Notes, Sources & Reviewing Research, How the WRONG Information Ends Up in Your Family Tree, What Our Ancestors’ Deaths Can Teach Us About Their Lives, Guide to Genealogical Research at the Archdiocese of Trento, Preparing for Research: Using Microfilms for Family History, Searching Online for 19th & 20th Century Trentini Ancestors, Parishes, Parish Records & Genealogy Resources for Trentino, The Science of Finding Your Female Ancestors from Trentino. Gregoris -> Dreina/Drina/Drijna Romeo was born 31 Oct 1919 in the village of Duvredo, in the parish of Santa Croce del Bleggio, Trentino, Italy, and died in Brick, New Jersey on 25 September 2001. Thank you for your in depth article. 1961: Brighenti | [6] Jede Mannschaft der Indian Super League muss einen solchen Spieler im Kader vorweisen können. What do we know about illegitimacy in Trentino before the 20th century? ….and so on. Am 5. Kunstfreunde strömen in Scharen nach Arezzo in der Toscana, um dem Maler Piero della Francesca zu huldigen. RIDDLE 1: How did some people become 'nobility' in Trentino? Indeed, in the beginning, people were known mainly by their personal names along with their father’s name and/or their village of origin. 1967: Riva | What’s interesting, however, is that on 23AndME (I have my ‘genes’ on 4 testing sites), it actually shows Verona as one of my likely ancestral areas. It was during that visit that we were told that “Tondi” was the name they went by in Riva. 1995: Batistuta | How have patterns and attitudes about illegitimacy changed over the centuries? Terza edizione. Feb 6, 2014 - FreeArt provides Free 8x10 inch prints. 2004: Schewtschenko | In this video you will see the sacred wooden shepherd's cross after which the parish was named, which was discovered on top on nearby Monte San Martino around 1600, and brought to the church in 1624, as well as the 1,000 year old subterranean chapel with 800 year old frescoes of angels on Romanesque pillars. I’ve put this topic under its own header because I didn’t want it to get lost amongst the other categories. Il "pazzo" GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI! Production and Recording Supervision: Rainer Brock. My Trentina grandmother’s mother was from Badia Calavena near Verona, and that is a Cimbri community. Il Guarany wird als erste große brasilianische Oper angesehen und ist dem romantischen Genre des Indianismo zuzurechnen. Seit dieser schweren Verletzung wurde Del Piero oft vorgehalten, an Stärke eingebüßt zu haben. Now, to answer your question about DNA testing, I think you would have even a rougher time getting accurate answers than even the mass of Trentini. Defend -> Zers/Zerz For example, if a soprannome is in Giovanni’s baptismal record, put down ‘as per Giovanni’s baptismal record’ or something to that effect. [10], * aberkannt infolge des italienischen Fußball-Skandals 2005/2006, 2000: Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, 2006: Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana. 1936: Meazza | 3. 1964: Vladimir Kovačević / Sandro Mazzola / Ferenc Puskás | Mister No è il soprannome del pilota statunitense Jerome (Jerry) Drake. Erst in der Saison 2002/03 konnte er wieder an seine Leistungen vor der Verletzung anknüpfen. Alessandro Del Piero (* 9. Del Piero hatte keinen Stammplatz mehr unter Capello, da dieser auf die beiden anderen Stürmerstars David Trezeguet und Zlatan Ibrahimović setzte. 1971: Antonis Antoniadis | You will often see them in documents with the meaning of ‘the aforesaid’, but in the context of surname/soprannome, they can loosely be translated as ‘called’ or ‘otherwise known as’. Whenever a branch of a family gets very large, with lots of male descendants carrying the family surname, new soprannomi will suddenly spring up to differentiate these various male lines. TIP: Whichever method you choose, BE CONSISTENT. In some cases, YES! 17 Answers. 1951: Nordahl | 1943–1945 | I also offer some tips for how to combine what you find in Trentino cemeteries (not just this one) with the online database called 'Nati in Trentino' to bring depth to your genealogical research. 1964: Nielsen | Tune in to learn about the history of this devastating episode in the history of Trentino, Lombardia and Veneto, and to hear some of fascinating legends about life during the plague. Duvredo is a tiny ‘frazione’ (even smaller than a village) in Trentino in northern Italy, with a current population of only 94 people. That is definitely NOT fun. The advantage of this method is it immediately organised everyone with the same surname-soprannome combination alphabetically in the person index for the tree, which is actually very useful. Add to that, the name ‘Benedetto’ is not a super common. Bei dem Turnier kam der Stürmer in drei der vier Partien zum Einsatz und scheiterte mit seinem Team im Viertelfinale knapp am späteren Europameister Spanien. Unrelated to the topic, I’ve read your articles about the myth surreding the DNA tests, I’m half cimbrean and half trentino… 2015: Icardi / Toni | Maestripieri è tipico di Pistoia, Mastripieri, quasi unico, è probabilmente dovuto ad un esrrata trascrizione del precedente, così come Mastropiero che sembrerebbe proprio unico, questi cognomi dovrebbero derivare da capostipiti di nome Piero e artigiani di professione, l'artigiano veniva chiamato un tempo magister artis. This NEW search engine is MUCH more powerful, and useful to genealogists. Just a bit of fun at my cousins' house (a converted castle) near Rovereto in Trentino. But what if it’s NOT in the baptismal record for Giovanni, but in the baptismal records of two of his children? You'll only hear from us when we have a new, informative genealogy article for you to read. So, you started to create subfolders inside the folder called ‘My Research’. Non so perché... Ha un bel suono! The disadvantage is that, if you don’t know a person’s soprannome because it wasn’t recorded in the record, they might look like they are disconnected from their branch of the family. 1990: van Basten | I am glad you found the tips on recording information to be useful. It’s essential to know WHEN they are talking about. Search! Im EM-Qualifikationsspiel in Georgien wurde er jedoch vom neuen Trainer Roberto Donadoni auf die Tribüne verbannt, offiziell aus "taktischen Gründen". Massimo Oddo | I’ve used a variety of methods in different trees,all with their own advantages/disadvantages. This is quite different from what we associate with the term ‘nickname’, which is usually something intentionally given to someone to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Thus, here is how my aunt SHOULD be entered into the tree: If you really wanted, you could put additional ‘also known as’ to put her nicknames ‘Gina’ and ‘Jeannie’, but I think those are unnecessary, as we already know she was known as ‘Jean’. Im Oktober 2015 beendete er seine aktive Karriere.[7]. My friend and client Gene Pancheri, author of Pancheri: Our Story, told me that one of the Pancheri soprannomi is ‘Rumeri’, which means ‘a person from the village of Rumo’. Another soprannome I encountered that might be connected to a personal attribute (although, again, I haven’t yet excluded other possibilities) is Papi, which I have seen in connection with the surname Rigotti in San Lorenzo in Banale in the 19th century. 1968: Prati | Der Meister der Frührenaissance ist in einer großen Ausstellung zu bestaunen. 1963: Manfredini / Nielsen | In this video, I describe what life was like in Romeo’s home village, and the trials of crossing the ocean to a strange, new land. In my father’s parish of Santa Croce, for example, the family now known as ‘Martinelli’ used to be called ‘Giumenta’ before the 1630s, adopting their soprannome (apparently derived from a patriarch named Martino who was born around 1515) as their surname. Children learned the skills of the profession from a young age, and sons often followed in their fathers’ footsteps, also becoming carbonai when they grew up. Some soprannomi indicate a connection with another place somewhere in the ancestral line. I say ‘hope’ because, in my experience, priests will occasionally REVERSE the surname and soprannome, making it difficult to know which is which. Despite the fact that EVERY family of Italian origin has a soprannome, many people researching their Trentino (or other Italian) ancestry either don’t know anything about them or fail to recognise them when they see them. Del Piero kam noch in neun der 13 weiteren Spiele zum Einsatz und erzielte dabei einen Treffer. Many of our Trentino ancestors tended to stay in one place, sometimes for many centuries. As you can see, origins and behaviour of soprannomi are highly varied, often unclear, and constantly changing. soprannome di Benci, Antonio. Get to Know Your Ancestral ‘Neighbours’ 1930: Meazza | They are especially common in trees where people changed their names after immigration. Now I’m wondering if it was their soprannome. Which families will I discuss? For example, one of my clients’ trees had the soprannome ‘Massenza’ because that was the name of one of the matriarchs for that line back in the 1700s. 1981: Terry McDermott / Karl-Heinz Rummenigge / Graeme Souness | 1955: Nordahl | 2020: Robert Lewandowski, Torschützenkönig der Coppa Italia mit 5 Toren, Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Offizielle Website von Alessandro Del Piero, Del Piero verlängert Vertrag bei Juventus, Sydney FC signs Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero, Del Piero reveals ownership in small Los Angeles soccer club, Alessandro Del Piero purchases American side LA 10 FC - Ronaldo.com, Del Piero erzielt 300. There is no way to keep everything straight without continual, dynamic change to adapt to new situations and needs. Zusätzliche Infos finden sie bei den Links zu homepages oder Blogs und zu wikipedia. A perfect example is this same document, in the name of the godmother. Tune in to find out what these surnames are, and whether you might already know some distant cousins. Some examples I’ve personally encountered include: Now, while I cannot say categorically this is true across the board, my ‘educated guess’ is that most of these surname-derived soprannomi are the surnames of a matriarch in the ancestral line. Without this ‘road map’ I could easily get lost. Stay on top of our latest genealogy news and tips. If you are not yet subscribed, you can do so using the subscription form at the end of this article below. As such, tracing the origin and meaning of a soprannome can range from really obvious to doggedly elusive. Thanks so much for taking time to read this article on soprannomi. So, what is the ‘best’ way of doing this? Del Piero wurde als bester Spieler des Weltpokal-Endspiels ausgezeichnet. November 1995 gegen Lettland. 1959: Angelillo | Thanks again for the article. 1994: Ronald Koeman / Wynton Rufer | A soprannome is an additional name used that is used to distinguish one branch of a family from others who share the same surname. Sinonimi e Contrari. 1956: Pivatelli | Moreover, the original significance of the soprannome may have no relevance whatsoever to the family in the present day. As you can see in Antonio’s baptismal record, his parents’ names are ‘Benedetto’ and Lucia’, and they lived in Cavaione. Kissing Cousins: Marital Dispensations, Consanguinity, Affinity, P.S. By the way, the ancient Roman name from Trento was ‘Tridentum’ because it was surrounded by mountains on three sides that stuck up like pointy teeth. Marco Materazzi | It will pinpoint my genes to some known DNA clusters? Sein letztes Länderspiel absolvierte Del Piero am 10. 9 years ago. SIDE NOTE: The surname for the ‘Ballina’ family here eventually become ‘Fusari’. For some reason, no one on either side of my father's family told our generation very much about our ancestral homeland, in spite of the fact that their families had lived in the same villages for many centuries. Thanks for reading and for the great comment. , Lynn, I enjoyed reading your article on soprannome. In die Saison 2007/08 startete Del Piero mittelmäßig, vor allem der neu verpflichtete Vincenzo Iaquinta machte ihm seinen Stammplatz streitig. You have done amazing work explaining and sorting out these names in the records. Occasionally, you will see a soprannome that is derived from the name of a female ancestor, especially if the name is not so common. Having done a fair amount of research on the families of Tione, I am fairly certain the Vittorio’s surname was Salvaterra, and his soprannome was Serafin(i), not the other way around (in fact, we saw an example of this combination in a previous record in this article). Filippo Inzaghi | I will send you a link to download it when it is done. I’ve seen many such artefacts in many places in the province. Del Pieros Engagement in Delhi endete nach der Spielzeit. Eine Woche später schoss er beim 4:0 gegen den AC Reggiana sein erstes Tor. But the thing is...NONE of them were actually FROM Fiavé. I’ve mentioned soprannomi within the context of other articles on this website but have never spoken about them in detail. Cloz is a small parish in the northern edge of Val di Non of Trentino. Hey there Tobia. … Nel giro di due anni il loro sound si evolse da un'imitazione dei Rolling Stones a un rhythm and blues senza capo ne' coda, il piu` scalcinato dell'epoca. Hi Robin! Minute für Morten Skoubo eingewechselt wurde. This might seem like a good choice for a soprannome, but I feel that is better used for when someone is known by one of their middle names OR an actual NICKNAME as we think of it in English. Juni 2010. Am 14. RIDDLE 2: What kinds of things can we discover about our noble ancestors? Why I think the word ‘nickname’ is not an appropriate term for them. Yes, the soprannomi was used in Sicily. But the answer was staring me right in the face (you can probably already guess it, as I’ve already shown you the document with the answer). But over time, you made lots and lots of Word documents. It’s really hard to know, Karen. Is this also true for Sicily? 2013: Cavani | How History Affects the Surviving Records Il trattore ZANETTI J. L'IMPERATORE(dei 2 mondi lo … [4] In seiner ersten Saison für Sydney verpasste die Mannschaft am letzten Spieltag der Saison durch eine 1:3-Niederlage gegen Queensland Roar den Einzug in die Elimination Finals. 1985: Torbjörn Nilsson / Michel Platini | I did not know that every Italian family has a sopprannome. Learn how your comment data is processed. But I digress…. 1984: Platini | My next trip to Trento is coming up in November 2019. Die Kollegen der Nationalmannschaft stellten sich auf Del Pieros Seite, der bekundete, sich auch weiterhin dort behaupten zu wollen. zwölf Tore. Dans le langage contemporain les symboles modernes furent Del piero et Jérôme Lecomte (fr) 1962: Bent Løfqvist / Ferenc Puskás / Alfredo Di Stéfano / Heinz Strehl / Justo Tejada | Zudem standen mit Luca Toni (31 Tore in der Saison 2005/06) und Alberto Gilardino zwei weitere Topstürmer in den Reihen der Azzurri, an denen nur schwer vorbeizukommen war. In der Saison 1993/94 spielte er außerdem noch für die Jugendmannschaft Primavera und gewann mit dieser die italienische Meisterschaft. A short trip on the "funivia" (cable car) in Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige Italy. You will also see the 1,000 year old square baptismal font in which all the babies of the parish were baptised for hundreds of years, and remnants of the even more ancient Longobard church dating from around 700 A.D. 2009: Ibrahimović | Mai 2012 gegen den SSC Neapel. Quale è il vostro soprannome dei calciatori preferito? 2001: Raúl | 7 1. „Ein Kavalier verlässt seine Dame nicht“ („Un cavaliere non lascia mai la sua signora“) waren seine Worte. surname Salvaterra, soprannome Borella), and the bride is ‘Cattarina, daughter of Giuseppe Salvaterra called Serafin’ (i.e. You'll hear me huffing and puffing, as this mountain village is just never stops going up, up, up! Later she remarried a man with the surname Watson (he is also deceased). Perhaps one of the most curious soprannomi I have ever encountered was when I was researching the Etro family of the Bassano del Grappa area of the province of Vicenza (Veneto), who migrated to the mountains of Madonna di Campiglio near Pinzolo in Trentino in the 1860s. I was surprised by the second name that appeared, MANCUSO TRADENTA. Il volo è un gruppo musicale italiano costituito dai tre cantanti Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto Most soprannomi I have found that relate back to profession will refer to a ‘family’ profession rather than one for an individual. – Gloria. It’s a complex topic – in many ways more complex that surnames. Del Piero -> Zoccolut Francesco di Cristofano de Giudicis (1482/83, ¿Florencia?, República de Florencia–1525, Florencia). Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and how these issues affected our ancestors’ lives. I made this video for my grandsons Percy and Hadrian on 31 Oct 2019, in honour of what would have been the 100th birthday of my late father, Romeo Fedele Serafini (known as Ralph Serafinn in the US). You'll learn a local legend about the plague of 1630, see breath-taking views of La Chiesa the San Faustino, Monte Irone and Monte San Martino, discover the 'sorgente' (or source) of the mountain spring that gives life to this ancient village, learn about the practice of 'filò' and visit fascinating mountain houses – with their tiny wooden doors and rounded stone archways – built in 1571. 1969: Denis Law | Well, first of all, you probably started renaming the documents, so you knew what was what. 1982: Dieter Hoeneß | La funzione degli esempi è unicamente quella di aiutarti a tradurre la parola o l'espressione cercata inserendola in un contesto. But from the name itself, it would appear to derive from Trident. Die Torschützenkönige von 1898 bis 1923 sind nicht bekannt. Don’t Ignore Records that Don’t HAVE Surnames! Can an illegitimate child ever become 'legitimate'? the surname is again Salvaterra, and the soprannome is Serafin or Serafini). I think the only way to get to the bottom of our soprannomi is to trace them back until we see something, anything, that seems to indicate a logical origin. Please trust me on this point. I would mean so much to me (and you would really help me know if these articles are explaining things clearly enough), if you could take a moment to leave a few comments below, sharing what you found most helpful or interesting about the article, or asking whatever questions I may not have answered. 1958: Alfredo Di Stéfano | What was the ‘Istituto delle Laste' in Trento, and how can we find out about our ancestors who were born there? 1977: Franco Cucinotta / Gerd Müller | Possibile contenuto inappropriato. Il Guarany ist eine Oper („opera-ballo“) in vier Akten von Antônio Carlos Gomes.Die literarische Vorlage bildete der Roman O Guarani des Schriftstellers José de Alencar.Das Libretto wurde von Antonio Scalvini und Carlo D’Ormeville in italienischer Sprache verfasst. designare, dire, chiamare, denominare. ‘Tondi’ sounds like it could either be derived from the name ‘Antonio’ or it might refer to someone who was kind of ’round’ (‘tondo‘), lol! 1 decade ago. I had no idea that soprannomi were used throughout Italy. Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and how these issues affected our ancestors’ lives. Altstar Alessandro del Piero hat dem italienischen Rekordmeister Juventus Turin mit einem Rekordtor einen prestigeträchtigen Erfolg beim AC Mailand beschert. You’ll see the ride up and down Monte Bondone from inside the cable car, and a few scenes of the village of Sardagna at the top of the mountain. Pollaiolo: translation. Allora, il soprannome di Alex Del Piero è Pinturicchio...datogli dal'avvocato Gianni Agnelli, perchè ogni suo tocco era un opera d'arte, come quelle che dipingeve il manierista Pinturicchio 0 1 1 By the way, I did a tree for someone in Lombardia recently (Brescia) and one of the soprannomi for their family was ‘Austria’! 5 - Giovanni Breviario 5 - James McCray 5 - Mario Del Monaco. 2016, 2017, 2018: Cristiano Ronaldo | The function of a soprannome is also quite different from a nickname, as its purpose is to identify a specific lineage of people within a larger group, rather than one particular person. Del Piero ist seit 2005 verheiratet und Vater von drei Kindern. Im Sommer 2004 übernahm Fabio Capello den Trainerposten bei Juventus und führte die Mannschaft zu zwei Meisterschaften (2004/05 und 2005/06). Then, we see a situation where there was a limited number of cognomi within a small community, but lots of sons were being born, all naming their sons after their fathers. In this podcast, we'll explore the migration of 4 Trentino families, who all have a connection with a village called Fiavé in Val Giudicarie. A Guide for Genealogists. What was the role of the midwife, and how were midwives trained in Trentino? I didn’t know until now that this extra name was called a soprannome. 1975: Pulici | Slambrot!! 1999: Amoroso | Answer Save. 4. Charcoal making was a ‘whole family’ operation, requiring the family to spend many months of the year in the woods, away from their main village. I hope it strikes a chord with you. The The recently updated version of the website enables you to EXPORT results from your online search to a CSV file. The Autonomous Province of Trento has JUST launched the newly revamped version of their website 'Nati in Trentino', a free, searchable online database of births in Trentino between 1815 and 1923. Am 29. Was One of Your Trentino Ancestors a Notary? On your other query, I would guess that muratore refers to the occupation, not a soprannome. RU; DE; FR; ES; Remember this site . 1997: Inzaghi | Simone Perrotta | As I mentioned in the article, I’ve NEVER seen my family’s soprannome in any document, ever. RIDDLE 1: You may have heard about the Black Death in the 1300s. 1991: Peter Pacult / Jean-Pierre Papin | 1966: Luís Vinício | SIDE NOTE: While not on the subject of soprannomi, I really want to stress that married surnames should NEVER be part of a woman’s name – neither in the name field, and not in the ‘also known as. It might be so, but then again it might not. Join our Trentino Genealogy Group on Facebook: Your email address will not be published. Below are a few options you might consider. The ‘Black Death’ (1346-53) dealt a severe blow to the European population, wiping out an estimated 50% of the population. Pizza, Pasta, Salat und Tiramisu zum Verspeisen im Restaurant oder zum mit nach Hause nehmen!! Genealogist Lynn Serafinn explains the role of the soprannome in Trentino and other parts of Italy and shows how to recognise them in genealogical records. 1973, 1974: Gerd Müller | 2017: Džeko | Although sites like Ancestry and programmes like Family Tree Maker don’t have a ‘soprannome’ in their default settings, it is possible to create a ‘custom fact’ (in Family Tree Maker) or ‘custom event’ (in Ancestry) and label it ‘soprannome’. Hierbei traf er auf David Trezeguet, seinen langjährigen Mitspieler bei Juventus Turin. Im Jahr 1990 wechselte er zu Calcio Padova, bei dem man anfangs nicht von ihm überzeugt war. Treffer. Just like your research documents, things started to get confusing. Mit seinen 21 Saisontoren verhalf er Juve zum dritten Platz der Serie A und sicherte sich den Titel des Torschützenkönigs vor seinem Sturmpartner Trezeguet. Mister No est le surnom du pilote américain Jerome (Jerry) Drake. 1960: Ferenc Puskás | In my own Serafini family, my 4X GGF ‘invented’ a different soprannome from his brothers because there were just too many Serafini men giving their sons the same first name. Ancient Nobles of the Roman Empire? Danach gehörte er bis zum Saisonende zur Stammformation. But soon, you created still MORE documents. 1925: Magnozzi | What’s in a Name? Fino ad una decina di anni fa i calciatori si rintanavano nelle ville sulla collina torinese, lontane da tutto e immerse nel verde, come hanno fatto Del. SIDE NOTE: Interestingly, Moorish themes and motifs were very popular in Trentino, and indeed throughout Italy between the 17th and 19th centuries. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Zum Saisonschluss am 28. We can safely assume that the ‘Vigiloti’ branch got too big for the soprannome to be useful, and rather than create a new soprannome, they called one of them ‘Piccolo’, meaning ‘small’. RIDDLE: What centuries-old mystical legends are still told about the discovery of a 'miraculous cross' on top of a mountain? There are a lot of ‘mights’ here, of course, and I prefer NOT to speculate too much, lest it blind me to the truth later. But gradually, and additional outbreaks of plague notwithstanding, the population not only restored itself, but eventually expanded by the 1600s. RIDDLE 2: What are some of the legends told about the plague of 1630? Now consider this record of a double marriage in 1583, in which two siblings married two other siblings: Now, I know many of you will find this challenging to read, so let me just identify the key people: In this record, the priest (don Alberto Farina) has apparently recorded the surnames for the couples, without and mention of soprannome. Tune in to hear some fascinating, symbolic, and mysterious legends about the ‘shepherd’s cross’ from the early 1600s, which came to be known as ‘Santa Croce del Bleggio’. Karen. Redigonda -> Casonut Consider this 1838 death record from the parish of Cavedago in Val di Non: Here, this 86-year-old deceased man is called ‘Tommaso Viola, son of the late Giovanni = Rodar’. Hi Arlene, Nach der WM kehrte er nach einer kurzen Pause wieder in die Nationalmannschaft zurück. [9] Daneben besitzt er das italienische Restaurant N10 Restaurant in downtown Beverly Hills. But just like when you created folders because you had created so many documents you could no longer find what you were looking for, people started using surnames.